EFPIA Transparency Code

Berlin-Chemie A.Menarini SRL fully apply the measures regarding Ethics and Transparency in collaboration with healthcare professionals, that, the pharmaceutical industry producing drugs in Europe through their codes of ethics and transparency, has imposed since 2014. Starting September 30th 2015, in compliance with Health Minister`s Order 194/2015 and later by the amendments to Law 95/2006-Art.799, Berlin-Chemie A.Menarini SRL will make public through the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices (ANMDM) - http://www.anm.ro/medicamente-de-uz-uman/publicitate/sponsorizari-medicamente-de-uz-uman, data concerning agreements with professionals and institutions in the healthcare system.

Berlin-Chemie A.Menarini SRL believes that this process of increasing the transparency of relations between industry and professional specialists is beneficial to whole society and especially to the patients and the Romanian healthcare system and works closely with the Romanian authorities for effective implementation.

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